Matt Fultz Kicks Things Off In Rocklands

posted by dpm on 06/06/2013


It's that time again when the boulderers flee from the heat of the Northern Hemisphere and congregate in the winter temps of Rocklands, South Africa or Australia. American Matt Fultz has kicked off the season with a 30-minute ascent of Derailed (V14) in Rocklands. He also warmed up with ascents of Caroline (V10), Pendragon (V11), Out of Balance (V11), and the classic Oral Office (V12). This time last year, Matt claimed the third ascent of Warpath (V14) at Castle Rocks, Idaho. It was the third ascent of the famous problem, after James Litz and Daniel Woods, and his first of the grade.  After his send of Warpath, we did a Pro-file piece with Matt that you can read here.

Fultz is traveling with Daniel Jordan and Nathan Gerhardt, who shot video of the ascent and will be posting stories on his website five15crux.com. They plan to update with videos but are currently struggling with Rocklands' infamous "dodgy" internet. Here's some screen grabs from video, courtesy of Nathan Gerhardt. 

Matt Fultz on Derailed (V14). Photo: Nathan Gerhardt

Phillip Haenggli from Switzerland works on The Shark (V10). Photo: Nathan Gerhardt