Edelrid Wing
Edelrid’s Wing harness is a lightweight, fully-adjustable harness designed for alpine climbing.
5 weeks 6 days ago
Gunks Apps
Many of America’s most popular climbing areas are getting guidebook apps and the latest to hit cyber shelves are two apps for the Gunks of New York.
5 weeks 6 days ago
Win a Set of DMM Draws
DMM is giving away three sets of five draws to some lucky winners in the USA and Canada.
10 weeks 6 days ago
Rocklands (ebook)
After a trip to Rocklands, South Africa, Sam put together some of his best shots that are now available as an ebook for Ipad.
11 weeks 6 days ago
GoPro HERO4 Session
The Session is a much-improved version of the popular HERO4 black and silver models that is 50% smaller and 40% lighter.
20 weeks 6 days ago
Tenaya Tarifa
When Tenaya dropped the Tarifa, the obvious question was, “Is that just a lace-up version of the Oasi?”
23 weeks 3 days ago
Boreal Kintaro
It adequately balances sensitivity, durability, and comfort for the climber that wants one pair of shoes that will perform well at the gym, crag, and boulders.
25 weeks 5 days ago
Dick’s Nut Tool
Dick’s Nut Tool looks like it means business—from the tip, all the way down the rigid shaft, to the ample base that barely fits in one hand.
26 weeks 2 hours ago
BÄM! Board
The BÄM board is distilled down to a pure training tool for those that are truly invested in a pragmatic approach to getting stronger.
28 weeks 3 days ago
Training Beta: Bouldering Strength and Power Program
What makes these programs stand apart from other training books is the clearly-defined “do-this-then-this” format.
32 weeks 1 day ago
ClimbTech Legacy Bolt
The Legacy bolt has the potential to revolutionize bolting and make it a sustainable practice.
33 weeks 4 days ago
Rock Climbing Down Under—Australia Exposed
“Rock Climbing Down Under” represents the best fraction of an archive that encompasses Carter’s 21 years of ceaseless effort in Australia.
34 weeks 6 days ago