Asana Pro Spotter Pad

by dpm | 02/12/2013

Asana Pro Spotter Pad


The Asana Pro Spotter Pad is a versatile, supplemental pad with a slim profile that can be tucked away inside your full-size bouldering pad. It has multiple uses that make carrying the minimal weight worth every ounce. You can use it as a sit start pad, so you can crush your ass-dragging traverse projects, then pick it up and use it as a spotter shield. There are two bright yellow handles to grab so when your climber pitches off the top-out you can protect your buddy and yourself without having to worry about taking a fist to the nose.

A truly innovative feature is how the Pro Spotter can be zipped open to unfold twice into a 74" x 44" "pile pad." Designed to stack over the other pads, the "pile pad" covers any gaps so you don't have to worry about rolling an ankle or losing a friend in a cave. The Pro Spotter also makes a great sleeping pad. When the pad is unzipped and unfolded once, it creates a comfortable, long sleeping pad so you can save some money and space when you're on the road. Because the Pro Spotter is thin, it is not ideal for use as a standalone pad. But as far as supplemental pads go, you couldn't ask for more features at a better value. 

Check out Asana's promo video that showcases the features here.

To purchase the pad for $95, visit Asana's website here.