Black Diamond's Ozone and Aura Harness

by dpm | 11/02/2009

Black Diamond's Ozone and Aura Harness

Minimalistic in design, Black Diamond's new Ozone/Aura is departure from the typical light and uncomfortable conundrum of harness design. Using Black Diamond's Kinetic Core Construction, the Ozone/Aura is able to displace weight over a wider surface area than other harnesses in its weight class.
Featherweight champion? Maybe. . .
The harness is geared for the serious sport climber, and it is not a successor to the ever popular Chaos. It is meant to satisfy the rice cake consuming gram counters, and it does so effectively. Weighing in at a mere 320g (11oz), the Ozone/Aura is Black Diamond's lightest butt rig. Trad climbers may find the minimalistic design leaves something to be desired, but the Ozone/Aura is just that- a minimalistic harness meant to cater to those wanting a featherweight harness for redpointing projects. In spite of this, the Ozone/Aura is incredibly supportive for its weight. At times, the svelteness of the Ozone/Aura caused concern for its whereabouts, only to discover it was secured to my waist. Sport climbers looking for featherweight security from a harness without sacrificing comfort can find out more about Black Diamond's Ozone/Aura @

Black Diamond Ozone available at Rock Creek $99.95

Black Diamond Aura also available at Rock Creek for $99.95

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