The Gripster

by dpm | 01/10/2013

The Gripster

In the climbing industry there seems to be a new training tool coming onto the market every single week. The invention of the net and crowd funding has helped bring new unique training tools to the market that can help change the game for gym goers.  The latest climbing tool to hit the market is the Gripster.  The Gripster is a set of either one or several “training grips” that can be adapted to mount on the weighted pulley system at your local gym or it can be wrapped on your basic pull up bar at home. The product can utilize three different molds that allow you to train your sloper strength, pinch strength and crimp strength. The diversity of the Gripster allows you to work static lock off movement and then increase your dynamic range through revolving positions on different structures at home and at the gym.

The Gripster

At the Gym

At the gym is where the product was the most useful.  You are able to attach the three different molds quickly to any of the gyms basic pulley systems and train with the crimps, slopers or pinches utilizing different ranges and weights. The system that was tested was already purchased by the local gym so dealing with the logistics of transporting the grips or rigging them was not needed. When the products were at the gym the variety of exercises that could be achieved were based solely on the imagination and the mountable surfaces or pulley systems available at the gym.  Each grip offered a solid pour and the texture was “tacky” which was great for the grip and it was not overly abrasive during repetitive use.  The versatility of the main solid edged grip offered several positions for crimp strength to be increased and out of all of the grips this tool could be used for the most basic pull downs and power extensions and was always the go to for the warm-up.

The Chunkster

At Home

At home, the range of the Gripster product changes due to the inability to attach it to a weighted pulley system, unless you have a home gym.  However, at home the product still can achieve a high level of functionality that matches a hangboard.  With the ability to hang the different grips at alternating heights it will give you more of a workout than a basic hangboard. During the home workouts the Globester and the Chunkster were the best training tools to really work on isolating shoulder power through several basic exercises.

The Globester

The system offers a more diverse workout than a hangboard; however, it does also include more transportable pieces.  Again, in the testing process the products were already at a very well crafted gym with extensive pulley equipment so that range of the products was highly beneficial at that location, but it will differ from gym to gym based upon their set up. At home the product was great to incorporate with a hangboard or a pull up bar or any place that the item could be hung and supported.  The real benefits of the Gripster is the range that can be found in both the type of hold that is available to be utilized and the range of motion and weight that can be included.  Like most workouts the limit to what you can achieve with the product can be found in your mind, but the Gripster does offer a wider range of achievable exercises than a basic hang board setup.

I would highly recommend the Gripster for both individual purchase or for a gym that is looking to offer  its members an additional strength training tool.  The product was found to be in several locations on the west coast and was highly recommended and used by the patrons there.

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-Anthony Lapomardo