Mammut Togir Harness

by dpm | 05/25/2011

Mammut Togir Harness


Last year, Mammut debuted the Togir (and the Togir Light) as its offering in the lightweight, full-support harness category.  Like Black Diamond and Arc'teryx, Mammut uses its own method to achieve the full support without padding.  Unlike the others, Mammut uses full-strength webbing to achieve this by splitting the webbing from a single piece in the front into two full-size and strength lengths on the sides and rear of the harness.  The result is a lightweight harness with minimal padding that provides full-support to the user.  Mammut's technology also allows for a full-strength haul loop to be sewn into the harness, a big plus for those who like the option.



I've been climbing in the Togir for the better part of a year now, and I have to say it’s a great harness.  The fit is great and the support is top-notch, every bit as good (or better) than its competitors.  Perhaps the best thing about it is the durability.  The Togir uses a plastic tie-in protector that virtually eliminates the primary wear point on the harness.  After a year of use, roughly 150 days, the harness shows virtually no wear at all.  Another plus is the cost.  At $100, this little gem clocks in at $50 less than its dead bird equivalent, and $25 less than BD's offering.


Pros:  Comfort, durability, and cost.


Cons:  Stiff gear loops (debatable), stiff at tie-in points.


Overall Impression:  Mammut did it right by developing a full-support harness that's not only friendly on your hips and waist, but also fairly kind to your wallet.


by John Wilder