Xyience Energy Drink

by dpm | 04/28/2011

Xyience Energy Drink


“Hey bro, try one of these.”  I tossed my buddy a can of Xyience Xenergy Xtreme Fruit Punch as he headed out the door to go climbing.  “What is this?” he asked.  “It’s an energy drink we’re testing out.  I haven’t tried one yet.  Give it a test run.” I replied.


Xyience is the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  They sponsor athletes like Wanderlei “the Axe Murderer” Silva and Dan “the Outlaw” Hardy.  When the rep for Xyience, pro-level climber Steph Forte, asked if I wanted to try it out I said “Sure, why not?  If this drink can make MMA fighters want to kill each other, maybe it will make me want to kill my project?”  A box showed up in the mail and sat around the house for a bit before I asked my friend to be the test subject. 


A few hours passed and my buddy came back.  “So, what did you think?  Did you send every project in the gorge?”  I jokingly asked.  His response wasn’t quite what I expected; “Well, after 3 years of effort I finally did the crux move on my project!”  We laughed at the coincidence…or was it?



A few days later I was hurriedly packing for a week long road trip to the Red River Gorge and threw a variety of Xyience products in the rig.  Before hiking in to the crag the first day I grabbed the Fruit Punch, the same drink that made my buddy crush the crux of his project.  My gut feeling was trepidation.  I looked at the can and it was big and black.  A picture of Dan ‘the Outlaw’ Hardy throwing a left hook at me stared back.  I don’t usually drink energy drinks at all, they make me nervous, and this one looked scary.  Would I freak out and get all jittery?  Would I unsuspectingly sucker punch a guy in the Madness Cave?  Did Xyience really put ‘Punch’ in the fruit punch?

OK, enough joking around.  Here’s the facts: 


Taste:  The first thing I noticed was how good it tastes.  This was by far the best energy drink I had tasted.  I think Red Bull tastes like cough syrup and this was far from that.  I was able to sample five flavors:  The Xenergy Xtreme Fruit Punch as well as four flavors from the Xenergy Premium line-up which were Cran Razz, Mango Guava, Blue Pom, and Cherry Lime.  All were good but the Cran Razz was my favorite.  After drinking it, I immediately wanted another one.  Uh-oh.  Am I hooked?


Energy:  Here’s where I was surprised.  I expected these drinks to pack a serious wallop like a Rockstar or Monster energy drink.  I found that I barely noticed a difference in my energy level.  It was subtle.  I didn’t get the shakes and freak out from belaying when all I wanted to do was climb.  Sometimes if I drink too much caffeine I actually lose focus while climbing.  This had a much more calming energy.  I stayed focused but felt refreshed.  Perfect.  Another aspect I enjoyed was that I didn’t feel bloated from the carbonation like I would from a soft drink. 


Nutrition:  It’s always interesting to look at the label and see what they put in this stuff.  There was a bit of a difference between the labels on the Fruit Punch and the Premium line-up.  The label on the Fruit Punch left me wondering.  No calories, fat, vitamins, or caffeine.  There was a bit of sodium and 4 grams of carbs but nothing else.  Their website advertises, ‘extra punch of B12 vitamins’ and ‘added caffeine’ but that wasn’t reflected on the label.


Xyience Xenergy Fruit Punch label


The label on the Premium blend was much more informative.  It included information on the loads of B vitamins, caffeine, Taurine, Guarana extract, Ginseng root, and other ingredients commonly found in energy drinks. 


Xyience Xyenergy Premium label


Summary:  I was really pleased overall with this drink.  It gave me good energy without the shakes and tasted great.  If you’re a regular energy drink enthusiast I highly recommend checking it out.  Retail price for a 12 pack ordered from their website is 27 dollars, which is on par with other energy drinks, though a bit on the pricey side.  More info on the product can be found on the Xyience website.


-Mike Williams